What We Grow

Market Garden Vegetables

We have set up our vegetable growing area using Organic and No Dig methods. This means we don’t use any chemicals, just mulch the soil with compost and cardboard, for fertility and to suppress the weeds. We are certified as Organic by the Soil Association who complete an annual inspection to make sure we are keeping on the right track.

We grow a wide range of vegetables, from leafy spinach to muddy parsnips and in our polytunnel which enables us to extend the season and grow delicious summer crops like tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.


We are establishing a new patch of flowers and herbs for cutting, as well as integrating flowers into our vegetable growing area.

Orchard and Soft Fruit

We have planted a selection of fruit trees to break up the field and divide the growing area including heritage apple varieties, plums, cherries, pears and quince. In January 2022 we established a new Soft fruit area including Raspberries, Blackberries, Red, White and Black Currents and Gooseberries.


We have dedicated one corner of the field as a new Wildflower Meadow. This will be managed carefully by cutting once a year, late in the season once the flowers and grasses have had a chance to develop seeds. We were pleased to be given a bale of ‘green hay’ from a local established meadow down the road which we spread around hopefully spreading some of the seed from there to get our meadow started.


We planted 1700 trees thanks to the Woodland Trust in January 2020. They haven’t had the best start with some tough weather conditions (flooding followed by drought!) and animal intervention (deer) but they seem to be pulling through. We put on a new deer fence in 2021 and this seems to have done the trick with keeping the larger deer out. Hopefully this year the trees will really get growing.