Tuston Farm:

Tuston Market Garden is situated near Ashperton to the east of Hereford. We are turning an 8 acre ex-arable field into an organic market garden so that we can produce the freshest, seasonal local vegetables possible. We are hoping that by allowing areas to regenerate and be managed in a less intensive way, we will encourage more diversity and wildlife, while still providing food and an income. We are creating a small area of it into a Market Garden, growing using No-Dig and Organic standards, our aim is to supply freshly grown produce locally.

Who We Are:

Alice grew up locally at Canon Frome Court, an intentional farming community, where she learnt to care about where food comes from and the different and more sustainable ways we can grow food. After completing an Apprenticeship through the Soil Association Future Growers Scheme at Herefordshire farm Carey Organics and working a couple of seasons at Arkstone Mill Organic Produce the opportunity of Tuston Farm came up and was just too exciting to pass up! Even if it is an enormous challenge.


Dom works as an ecologist by day (and night!) But does loads around the farm too. He is particularly interested in creating a meadow and encouraging wildlife to the farm.